Sunday, 12 July 2015

Day 12

We can't have a funeral yet!
'Accidental death' requires a full autopsy and investigation.
How much longer will this go on for?

I can at least be confident in the knowledge that she has a donor card.
I wonder how many lives she will save?  (UK blood donors webpage)  (Canadian Blood donors webpage)

We've asked our local Commissioner out of retirement to do Michelle's funeral.
She has known both of us a long time through being the Brownie/Guides lead Commissioner for so many years. I couldn't think of anyone else that i would have trusted to oversee the funeral.

She's asked us for a few more details on Michelle that she doesn't know.  What Michelle liked, her character, quirks etc...
My input is to be the music. I need to choose a piece for the procession in and out.
This sounds easy but is going to be so hard. What Michael Jackson tunes do you choose?
Which are suitable? Will I ever be able to listen to them again?
I've choosen 'One day in your life' and 'Leave me alone' to finish.

There is a viewing to be held for family before the funeral.
She Died March 17th, the funeral has finally been booked for 11 April. (My Mother's Confirmation day was this date in 1961).

She's dressed in a blue Satin dress with some sort of lace collar.
She looks like she is dreaming. Serene and beautiful.
I can't touch her. I don't want too. I just want to look.... remember her.

Peaceful at last. Alone.


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