Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 9

Seems we're heading into school anyway. Need to go see Mr T the Head Master. Not sure why, but guess there are some things that need to be sorted.
Why do we have to go in early? All my classmates will still be out, they wont be in their classes. Guess I could sneak in, maybe they won't see me.

Who am I kidding?  The only way to the Head Masters office is through the playground past both main buildings. Its just opposite the library building that Michelle and I would live in most days. Got to LOVE books, they can take you away from everything.

We have to park in the visitors parking and head down the side of the gym building. I wonder if we sneaked through the gym we could go out the other side, no-one would see!  However as students we've had the fear of God put into us, anyone caught sneaking the short-cut would usually get caught by Mr W, his voice could be heard all over the school if he caught you. So most of us go into robot mode. That's exactly what I did. Though hindsight, im guessing if WE had been caught, we would have been let off.

Mum's in front of us and K and I are behind, no words being said. I really don't want to be here. I've spent a weekend just surviving at home with close family. Thankfully they dont ask too many questions. They 'get it'.
My friends are 13-14... they won't 'get it'. And really why should they. WE'RE BLOODY TEENAGERS!

If I could have a Super Power right about now, it would be Invisibility, or a Time Machine would help.

As soon as we head round the corner....

You know those Western Movies!? The one where the Good guy comes into the camera angle, but you only see his legs or back, background is the small town of scared people crying out for a hero. The first person sees him then slowly they all do, and all the chatter stops. The Tumble weed goes blowing by.

...... C is probably the first one to see me. Then K and the rest of Michelle's classmates. They are all lined up against the building waiting to go in. Along with the last person i want to see. Only C + K head over. Hugs all round, tears from them. I'm just stoic. I'm not going to show emotion. They don't need to see that. They need reasurance that things will be Ok. 

I see S from my class. His called the class clown for a reason. Can make everyone laugh, including the teachers. Today though, he can't look me in the eyes and the best I get out of him is a Hi.

Seems bad news traveled real fast. I've gone from being a fairly well known athletic student to having everyone know who i am.
For all the wrong reasons.

T + M

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