Sunday, 5 July 2015

Im finding my talent in life very early on. Guess I need to thank my Mother for this.
She's dating a guy that's big on Judo, so guess what, we're both doing Judo with his kids too.
Its ok. I love the ground work, not the grappling so much. Not sure Michelle loves it at all, but its keeping us fit and Mother is a big advocate of exercise (she was a high school top swimmer and also got the chance to train with the Olympic squad at Crystal Palace).
We're dancing on Saturdays, Im starting to run at a club and Im enjoying it.

What would be a really cool idea would be if Michelle and I got into movies or TV or stuff. We're unique, scientist always seem to want to find out what makes us tick. Films are still trying to catch up with making an actor 'look like' he has a twin.... why not use real ones?  Might have to run this by her.

Granted since hitting senior school (high school for all the US/Canadians), things are changing.
I'm doing great at athletics. Running for my school, county and club. There trying to get me to choose a distance, but i cant decide. I love 100m, 200m 800m and x-country. I just love to run!
Michelle is getting more like Father and its annoying Mother. She's quiet, only speaks up if you really piss her off. Is so in love with Michael Jackson that if you say one bad word against him... oh boy!  (which is fun when the rest of the world is in love with Bros, Five Star, Duran Duran and Wham!)

Give me Michael J Fox, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery any day of the week. Star Wars is rocking my world too, just wish I could get the toys that go with the movie.  I'm not even a teenager yet and I know exactly what i want to do with my life. I'm going to be a Stunt - Person or a Phys Ed teacher.

Michelle is moving out. CRAP!  I dont like it, but I know its what needs to be done. Mother and her cannot live in the same house. They butt heads too much. I do too, but im far stronger then Michelle to be able to retaliate or just take the punishment. Michelle is the sensitive soul. If there's a heaven and hell, I'm Satan, she's the Angel!
Feels weird, not to see her everyday.  But she pops round sometimes, I go to Dad's watch her scoff down 4 slices of toast and butter. I don't know how she frickin does it. Eats like crap and is skinner then me. Doesn't exercise. Damn genetics!

We still get together at school. Practically spend all our time in the library. If there is anything that we majorly share in common, its the love of Books. Ever tried to find the longest word in the dictionary?? We do! You can really blow peoples minds when you come out with a 36 letter word and know its meaning.
We do crazy arse stuff like that. I love those moments. Our own world, our own language and no one can get in. There is only one other set of Identical twins at school C + A. Think Michelle has a crush on C.
I like this boy called G, his a twin, but fraternal. He has a sister.

Life is ok. School sucks! Cool thing is, I'm right next to Michelle's class room, we look in each morning and try to wind each other up.  Good Times. Just like Junior school. 

T + M

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