Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 8

There's only a week left before March break, but im not going to school. Mum asked if I wanted anyone to stay with me for the next week, there was only one friend that came to mind. K!
She's known Michelle and I since playgroup, then we went to different junior schools and meet up again in senior school. Same class.

K's Story (edited)
I had been at my Saturday job when my Dad appeared out of nowhere to come and pick me up it was unusual because I normally got the bus, but I wasn't alarmed but if I had known what he was about to tell me then I would have been.
My first reaction upon hearing about Michelle's death of course was utter shock then shaking suffocating tears I could barely breathing there was a rock in my stomach, everything until the following morning is a bit of a blur.........

I don't remember much. Guess I'm in shock, disbelief, whatever you want to call it.
Bloody phone wont stop ringing. On the way back from B's this morning Mum had to stop in and see Nan.
Glad I stayed in the car ( I think).  I cant even remember when I next see my Father. All I know is that bloody phone keeps ringing and Mum has to keep answering it and saying the same thing. Well next time I'm answering it!
The next calls D, 'Is everything ok?'
My answer 'Yep everything is fine'
Next thing her Mother is on the phone. Bad news travels real fast Im finding out. So she asks THE question.
What can you say?? Can't lie, shit L had't to call everyone cancel a bloody party!
So I tell her the truth. Then all I hear is D bawling in the background.
See ya!

I'm glad K is here, she's keeping me sane. We're just shooting the breeze, chilling out, watching TV... laughing!
(I later learned from Mother, that hearing me laugh after a few days, she knew that everything would be OK. She knew that I would be OK. Eventually.  Guess Mother's do know best!)

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