Friday, 17 July 2015

Day 17

I hate that saying 'Everything happens for a reason'!
What's the reason behind losing a child??? No parent should outlive their children. No Grandparent for that matter.
My Nan is my world and we were/are her's.  How do you explain such unfairness?

What amazes me though is how much someone can leave an imprint on you even in a short space of time.
My friends are showing me that in so many ways. Michelle has made an impact.
They remember her unwavering Love of all things Michael Jackson. Her laughter whenever K1 would do her impression of Chunk from the Goonies.
Her constant asking of K2 to do her impression of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.

C has given me a 2 heart necklace in silver as a memory of my Sister and I, plus the most amazing poem from one of our favorite movies.

From our playdate V.

Even with all this support, my heart aches and my mind is losing all memories of Michelle.


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  1. There is always a reason for things that halt,some are here for short time but have a big impact like Michelle,and some for longer like you Trudy,but she is always with you