Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 16

The first year is nearly up.
First birthday alone. First Christmas alone.

Slowly coming to terms with it all.
Things are going back to normal.
I still have exams to do, athletics to compete in.
Sport has become my salvation. If im not running, Im doing Martial Arts.

I need to say Thank You to so many people at school.
Even if they didnt say anything, they still had an impact on me.

A card!  That will work. Simple, to the point.
A Thank You card from My family to all those that sent their best during this trying time.

Some asked Why?  after a year did I say Thank You.  Others (that got it), just said 'Thank you' themselves for the card. 'Happy to help'.

Why did I wait a year??? It took that long to get out of the initial darkness. That all encompassing fog that covered my brain.  I can safely say that I learnt nothing at school that year. I remember very little.
I had a big bike accident once. Decided to use my face as a break. While at my Nan's I thought about what Michelle was going to say once I got to school. I was about to shout out to my Nan this statement, but inside something was telling me that it didn't sound right?!  Something strange stopped me from telling my Nan I couldn't wait to talk to Michelle.
Later I found out I had a nasty concussion. (that would explain why I couldn't remember the full walk to my Nan's house). Hmm! the brain has a weird way of protecting you.

But things are becoming clearer.
The first step in what will no doubt be a long journey.


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