Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I have a story to tell. Its a story 27 years in the making. It's a journey that has taken me personally, 27years to reach. Why now? After 27yrs something just clicked. Like those lightbulb moments that you see on the cartoons.  I'm not quite sure of the exact moment but I suddenly felt a huge weight being lifted. 
So for the next 27 days I am going to take you on a  journey with me. It wont be an easy journey, but I hope that you will join me, learn something, and possibly even reach out to someone that may need a little reminder that LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and FAMILY are some of the most important things that we can have in this world.

What is this story about?  Its about a young gifted girl. Its about Strength, Love, Friendship, Perseverance.

I'm no writer, but this story will be from the heart, from experience and no 'real names' will be mentioned.

I hope to see you along for the ride. It could be funny, it could be sad, but it will always be honest.

T + M

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  1. Time Ticks on, but Twins Still got that bond. She will be there for you again someday x