Sunday, 19 July 2015

Day 19

I didn't do alot for my 18th. I didn't want too.
However I couldn't disappoint my family for the last Hoorah!
Arranging a 21st without your better half aches a bit. I say 'a bit', its been 8yrs now.
The memories are getting harder to remember. It's getting easier to talk about her to others, though I still hold back alot of the details. The anniversaries are still tough though. Small steps.

Mum is going to head to France to pick up wine. We've got a dear friend of ours to be the DJ.
I made only two stipulations if we were going to have a party.
1. Its going to be a block party. No hall hire.
2. I want the chef Tony that we used to annoy as 8yr olds to make the cake.

I think thats a fair trade.

It was in all fairness a great party. Lots of family and friends from afar turned up. Even from Canada.

But in the shadows, someone was missing. Oh well. No more BIG birthdays. I dont have to do this again.


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