Friday, 3 July 2015

Day 3

So its seems that Mother is indeed watching. They see all. I was born 7mins before my Identical Twin.
She emailed me a copy of  my birth certificate. Parents hate being wrong ;-)

So questions that i get asked as an identical twin
1. Can you feel what the other is feeling?
2. Are you Psychic?
3. Do you have the same fingerprints?
4. Do you know what the other is thinking (see Q2)?

and the list could go on. In answer to all those questions and many others.... NO!
The only time i knew what my sister was feeling or thinking is if I asked.

However, you ask my Mother the same thing and it will be a totally different story :-)

This 'toy' was an ally for us as kids. Its kind of amazing what you can do when you have your own language (just look at those cute Twin Youtube videos) that no-one but you and your Twin can understand.
As any parent will tell you, never trust a quiet child.

Many times we would have one of us stand on the bricks and the other would push the trolley to the front door. The one on the bricks would grab the handle and turn while the other pulled the trolley away from the door.
One time in particular we got out of the house and ended up by our favourite pond which is about a mile and half away. We know this as Mother had a rude awakening from the Police Officer that bought us home.  LOL!

So you wonder what Twins can get up too..... LOTS!

And don't even get me started on the name badges, changing clothes etc. We were always dressed exactly the same but would occasionally have a different coloured cardigan on or a different style of the same outfit.  We had been known to change name badges in Kindergarten to get out of trouble. In end Mother dressed us in different shoes. I had the T bar shoe and my sister had a simple rounded shoe. Later on in life we even shared Boyfriends. Yep the things you will do for a sister.

The only redeeming feature that defined each of us as my Mother said, was our hairline. My Sister has a double crown. 

You can have so much fun with a sibling, but its not all fun and games.

T + M

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