Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Day 22

My journey is nearly over and as I look back I wonder to myself, Why did I never go into a great depression? Why did I not go off the rails when given free reign to do so?
Why am I still standing when so many others fall?

I've never been on medication. I never saw a shrink. I never took drugs, smoked anything, got into trouble with the law. The only thing that I did do to have any control over my life was to succumb to an eating disorder. Thankfully that was short-lived.

I think the saving grace that I was fortunate to have was an abundance of support.
Sadly as we get older, move away, get jobs, new homes, new lives, we lose contact with those that we grew up with. Those that we could tell anything too.

I have found over the years that those of my friends that have or are suffering with depression have lost contact with those people that were always there for them. They have lost that belief in themselves that we all had as kids (hopefully).

FRIENDS Really are the life blood of any healing journey.

While I am not making light of this and there are many other factors involved with those that are going through hard times. We all need to know and understand that if you even have a handful of people that you can call on anytime, it makes the journey and the healing that much easier.

I've been thankful to find 'new' friends in Canada that I can go to if I find im in a moment of weakness (which thankfully doesnt happen too often now).

So while my story may nearly be over, and I have innate strength in me to survive most things, I urge all of you out there to take a moment to really think about those people in your life that are stronger then you, that YOU feel you could talk too. Trust me, it will help and its cheaper then therapy.

T + M

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