Monday, 6 July 2015

When I decided to go about writing a blog of a certain life event, I spoke to a handful of people. Mainly friends but also family. The answers seemed to all be the same. 'Go for it, but expect some backlash'.
Well if yesterday was any indication that I was doing the right thing, then Im ok with anything that anyone throws at me.
When speaking to family and friends we all just chat, no broken voices, no tears, just laughter and memories.
When I had the idea to blog, I suddenly thought, I never in 27 years asked Michelle and I's friends how they felt, what impact this had on them. So I've asked a few for their side of the story, just to help you the reader understand that family isn't just blood most of the time, and that REAL friends end up becoming family along the way.

Day 6

I'm kinda getting a little pissed now at Michelle's home teacher. Just because I was a horrid student to him last year does not give him the right to keep having a go at my sister. It seems every day I'm seeing her get marched to the Headmasters Office and all her classmates are saying she has done nothing wrong. I want to kick his arse...literally!

Well we have something to look forward to this weekend. Our friend L who we've both known for a long time is turning 14. Her Mum wont let her have a party at home so I asked Mum if we could do a joint b'day party/house party at ours. Michelle came over to help with the invites and to sort music. Granted L has a totally different taste in music to both of us, but has agreed to allow 1 or 2 Micheal Jackson tunes.
I need to make sure i pack away anything that can get broken, seems something always gets trashed.

Its friday night, why am I being woken up??
B says something has happened to Michelle, Mum's with her but he needs to take me to his place, then he will be heading back to the hospital.
Im in my P'j's its dark out and Im climbing over a fence.. am I sleepwalking? Nope, B is there with the van.
There is something in his tone, his voice is not right! Is there something that he is not telling me?
Im a Twin, I can sense if something is wrong. Can't I?  Why would it happen now, if its never happen in all my 13 yrs?  I think she's ok.

Did i fall asleep? Im not sure, but all I know is that Mum and B are back.
Its still dark, its definantly the morning, but early.
Do I want to know?
I've been on the sofa since I got here, Mum comes and sits opposite me on the table.
Sometimes you don't have to say anything to know that something is bad, but you need to hear it, just to make it real. If you dont hear it, its ok.
Mum's looking at me, she doesn't look 'normal', then she just says the words that I really already know are coming.
'Michelle has died!'


My life just changed in the blink of an eye!

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