Friday, 10 July 2015

Nothing seems to be flowing today.
So today I leave you with a great link that I found.

Schools today have Counselors to help guide students through grief and life.
At the time i went to school, we had none of that.

What I did have though, was a network of amazing friends that I could go too if I needed to vent, talk or just be with.

One boy in particular would allow me to just turn up on his doorstep, a total blubbery mess. His parents would answer turn to their son and say 'the dog needs walking'. And away we would go for about 30mins. Him just listening, me just ranting on.

Again, here was someone that just stepped up to the plate and somehow knew what to do and how to do it. I credit his parents for probably helping guide him.

Never be afraid to talk to anyone if your feeling overwhelmed, upset or depressed.
There will ALWAYS be someone with very broad shoulders and great ears.


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