Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 2

So how do you start a story?
Do we go the fairy tale route, 'Once Upon a Time'?
Do we go the movie route, fade to the future, person over a keyboard looking at a screen of words then fade back several years?? (Sorry i was thinking of Stand By Me right about then).

One thing that you must know about me from the start, I'm a HUGE movie fan. HUGE! As you will find out later its influenced me a fair bit.

So we'll start like most things, from the beginning:
I was born in July 1975 to two awesome parents who were not expecting kids as fast as they got them. LOL!
My father was on his second marriage, already having two daughters.  When he meet my Mother they expected kids eventually, what they got was another TWO girls.

I am one of TWO (if the picture didn't give it away, that's the punchline right there).
I am the first born of Identical Twins. My Sister came along supposedly 7min later, but if i recall from the birth certificate its more like 4min???? I have no idea, I had no idea of time at that moment.

So there you have it, a story about TWO people who look the same!
I wonder how much FUN you can have when there is someone else out there that looks EXACTLY like YOU???  Hmmm!  I wonder ;-)
(don't ask me who is who.... even my Mother has issues. I think I'm the less grumpy one! Though then again??)

T + M

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