Friday, 24 July 2015

Day 24

This is going to be really hard to explain, but I will do my best.

I woke up one day and something just felt different. I felt like I was weightless.
No pressure on the shoulders, no pain in the heart. No tears, no fear. Just pure joy.
Its a weird sensation when everything becomes clear. Like a veil has been lifted. I could use many expressive descriptions, but unless you experience it, there really is nothing that can explain the sensation. I felt free.

I've decided that I want to do something special to remember my Sister and to help others in the process. Yes its taken 27yrs to get here. But I'm here.

Thinking about a charity or scholarship fund in memory of Michelle. Her life meant something. I have come to realise that now.
This life event made a difference to so many.  I can use it to help others going through the same thing, then it wont be a life lost in vain. I need to bounce this idea of someone, get some clarity.

I have amazing new friends in Canada that have a great way of looking at things. Brainstorming with my Scottish GF we decide on a charity t-shirt each year. The funds will go to a different charity each year that best represents what she stood for.
As always, I have asked for the input from her close school friends and some family members for help. As ever they step up to the plate and are amazing.
They have come up with some charities that they feel best remembers her.
My job now is to design a t-shirt (I already have an idea), and to research the chosen charities.

I have a fire in me, and it feels amazing


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